Drug Dealer Simulator- Where To Purchase Mortar And Jars

Drug Dealer Simulator

Drug Dealer Simulator was released on 16 April 2020 but the Beta version was released one week earlier. During Beta version, you had access to Mortar which was used to crush and grind the tablets or solid drugs to powder like Amp. After the final release, Mortar was removed from the starting line-up of equipment which few of us have noticed. Well, it is not removed from the game but you will need to purchase it from a specific vendor. In this guide, we will go through what you need to do to unlock Mortar and Jars.

Where To Purchase Mortar And Jars In Drug Dealer Simulator

If you have saved enough money and searching for the vendor early then you are out of luck. She will be noticed in the OLD MARKET corresponding to La Ballena Mansion during day time. After you unlock Ecstacy, you will require Mortar to crush and grind the tablet to maybe mix it up with Amp or other Additives. Before then, you cannot unlock Mortar and even Jars are pretty much useless as you already have set of Jar on your Workstation.

The lady vendor is especially important after you unlock Hideout. As your new Hideout is not furnished and all the furniture, as well as equipment, needs to be purchased, she comes to the rescue. The best possible way to purchase her equipment is when the Police Hour is over. You will notice even if it’s Police Hour, certain Supermarkets are opened along with the people who are constantly playing music and party all day in OLD MARKET. The Mortar works similarly as other equipment in Workstation, so you might not find it difficult but there might be slight chances of losing a few components of drugs while Milling.

Mortar is not necessary at the beginning as you are not dealing with complicated drugs but as you Level Up and unlock more territory and types of drugs, all equipment with the good condition is a must. Let me make it clear that each Hideout does not require Mortar and as it cost 65$ only which will be deducted from your Bank account and delivered right at your desired location, only one or two might be enough as per your experimentation. As your Level and Contacts advances, your chances of becoming Kingpin might increase but all require a signature cook. So, make sure you have everything you need to experiment and create your masterpiece to sell. For more guides on Drug Dealer Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: