Drug Dealer Simulator- How To Unlock New Hideouts

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, avoiding Police and delivering goodies to your new and trusted Clients is not the only thing you gonna do. You will have to smartly deposit money in your account without arousing suspicion. Besides ATM and Cryptocurrency, there are more features in the game which involves a smooth flow of money. Among them, you can even purchase Hideout to hide your illegal stuff and craft new Drugs as well as without getting traced.

How To Unlock New Hideouts In Drug Dealer Simulator

To unlock the Hideout feature, you will need to first reach Level 7. After the notification of your Level Up, you will find Eddie contacting you via phone. When you receive the call, he will praise your accomplishment and mention that his friend provides Hideout and he might help you get one. After ending his call, you will find an objective that will be updated regarding Hideout.

These Hideouts are pretty hard to trace as per the broker. These hideouts are used for shady works such as Safehouse, or even Waiting room for your client. There are multiple Hideouts with varying ranges depending on the neighborhood and positive bonus effects. Even these hideouts can help you earn more XP while doing business in the same neighborhood. Rest assured, dealing and pleasing your clients will expand your territory which will in return allow you to get access new Hideouts.

Upon purchasing the Hideout, you will need to furnish the empty room as you fit. In this level, Furniture Store and Shoplady will be accessible in the OLD MARKET area corresponding to La Ballena’s mansion. Purchase new equipment and furniture to decorate your safehouse and stash your goodies and money. Even when you are about to encounter Police, it’s better to hide in Hideouts or throw your Bag in Police Hours. For more guide on Drug Dealer Simulator, you can click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: