Drug Dealer Simulator- How To Order Drugs When Broke

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, your first Dealer whom you interact with and seem to be your Boss is Eddie. All the orders are made through Laptop via ShadyComm which will allow you to be in touch with Eddie i.e. Supplier. The first interaction with Eddie had made it clear that he is the primary dealer and you are hired for supplying and distributing goods. All the purchasing cost or the Cost Price of drugs is returned to Eddie in a certain period. What happens if you are caught by Police red-handed or used all your money in the Supermarket by mistake. In this guide, we have mentioned what you need to do when you are broke.

How To Order Drugs When You Are Broke In Drug Dealer Simulator

From the beginning, Eddie trusted you with his package deliveries and asked for money later. Similarly, if you are broke then you can still order Drugs from Eddie but the debt will keep on increasing. When the debt starts increasing and the money is not flowing smoothly to Eddie, there would be various consequences which you would want to avoid in the Cartel.

The first option is to order the supplies in bulk and deliver all of the orders to your clients as fast and efficient you can during the night at Police Hours. At night, the money earned by delivering the drugs is high, the risk of getting caught is high and your Exposition Factor will decrease. The Exposition Factor determines the suspicious rate of Police and draws more attention from DEA. Even the Exposition Factor depends upon criminal activity such as sales, police chases and arrests.

The second option is to withdraw cash out from your ATM which must be used as the last resort because your Account is monitored by the government and sudden cash flow will arouse suspicion. It is recommended that deposit 100$ at the end of the day and store cash in the cupboard. Purchasing Hideout specifically for disposing Cash is also a great idea that will save you from any jail time.

Simply, order tons of drugs from Eddie and sell them fast, as well as provide free sample to strangers to create more network. Slowly, your debt will be reduced and avoid any purchase from Supermarket except Spray Paint Can that increases Rep in your neighborhood. For more guides on Drug Dealer Simulator, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: