Drug Dealer Simulator- How To Addict New Customers

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, the very first difficult task or objective would be to addict 5 Customers or clients. Along with that, you will have to expand the territory. These two problems can be solved simultaneously but let’s focus on hooking up your clients with your drugs. In this guide, we have mentioned what you need to do to intoxicate and let your client be addicted to your drugs.

How To Addict New Customers In Drug Dealer Simulator

You will notice that even if you are providing the purest goodies to your clients, they simply focus on contacting you with new orders periodically. After experimenting and adding mixtures in the purest form of Amp, it was noticed that the person whom you have provided the mixture contacts you pretty soon depending on your relationship with him.

These junkies do not even notice when your reputation is good in the neighborhood. There are certain Quality Expectations from each Client which is mentioned when you click their name or messages on your laptop. The bar specifies roughly 80%-85% of the pure original and rests they don’t care. So try mixing Additive such as Sugar orĀ Ibuprofen Pills (crushed) with Amp which will speed up the process of addiction.

Drug Dealer Simulator

As shown in the image above, at the top where the name of the client is mentioned there will be Quality Expectations mentioned. If you check the 2nd Client then there would be a specific mark that denotes that he is addicted to your drugs. You can even try Salt with Amp but either of them might produce different results such as an increase in Toxicity slightly which differs in what you are trying to achieve i.e. addiction. It might be your call but you might not want to create any ruckus with your client and even the bad words spreading about your goods will affect your Reputation and cash flow.

It is recommended that mix your Amp or any drugs if your Level is high with Sugar, Salt or any other additives to speed up the process of addiction. For more guides on Drug Dealer Simulator, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: