Industries of Titan Review, Early access And Upcoming Features

Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan is a city development simulation strategy game developed by Brace Yourself Games. The game has just released exclusively to Epic stores and will be coming on Steam probably by the end of this year or the upcoming year.

Note: This post can seem like a spoiler as it describes the feature that are currently available in the game and future updates.

The game is currently in early access so not all features are currently available to users. But players can still enjoy the game and help the developers by reporting the bugs.

The price of the game is currently 10.99$ and by seeing the upcoming road map by developers, I think it’s worth it. You can buy the game by visiting the Epic game store or by clicking HERE.

This is my first review of the game, so I hope users could cut some slack and support us for more such reviews.

Coming to the game, your faction will be transported to the moon of Saturn called “Titan” with 3 destinations out of which you need to select one. Players will get 1 headquarters and 5 employees with few minerals and influence to grow their faction and expand territory.

Currently there is only one faction available to choose but more will be coming soon. The best thing about the game for us was the tune that changes in-game.

Industries of Titan Current features

Some of the current features of the game are:

Converting citizen into employee – You need to have a balance between citizens and employee in this game as a citizen will produce credit and employees will help in collecting resources and building bases.

Finding and destroying rebel camps- As you keep expanding your base, you will come across rebel camps that need to be destroyed in order to win the game.

Occasional attacks by rebel camps on your base- You need to build your military tower to protect yourself from these rebels. If you headquarter gets destroyed, you will lose the game.

Players are able to check energy and fuel consumption by the building, equipment and if not properly managed your factories and headquarter will shut down.

You need to manage your logistics and the most important thing is pollution and waste material. Some of your buildings and factories will produce air pollution, which you need to manage and strategically place away from citizens. In-game you can also check the pollution of the air
There are more cool features in the game which you will get to know by giving it a try and more will be coming soon as promised by the developers.

Pause or speed up– Players have the ability to pause the simulation or increase the simulation speed to gather resources or build factories faster.

Note: These are not all the features you can currently find in-game. There are a lot of other types of buildings, resources and devices that you need to micro-manage in order to complete and win the game.

Industries of Titan Future update

The developers have already shown the roadmap in-game to let their consumers know what to expect in the upcoming months. There is also an experimental server of the game in which users can try out the updates before it goes fully live. Users can report for bugs in-game or share it in their official discord community.

Some of the features that will be coming soon are:
Transportation – Roads and Trucks that players will be able to build for moving resources and vehicles.
Combat 2.0 – Ship construction and ship to combat the rebels
Population Simulation – Happiness, life schedule, salaries, and riots for the citizens of your faction

Some of the future updates that players can see in-game are:

  • New factory gameplay
  • New production devices
  • The weather that will affect your game style
  • Food and drinks
  • Hunger system of citizen
  • Health and hospitals
  • New systems, building, devices, music and much more

Note: This game has the potential to be a masterpiece with proper support and updates. I recommend you give it a try and support the developers. Currently the game only has a single player but in the future we might get to see a multiplayer option upon full release.

Many users are complaining about the game only available in the Epic store. I guess the reason it’s only available in epic store because their percentage cut is only 12%, while the steam percentage cut is 25%. The new policy of steam states that after the game fully released if within one month it’s not listed on steam, it never will. But as this game is available early access and the steam release show 2021. The developers can get the maximum profit out of it and help to mold the game for 1 year. This post is not being sponsored and is entirely our own review, I hope you enjoyed it.