Receiver 2- Cheat Codes List And How To Access It

Receiver 2

In Receiver 2, an alternate reality that is overruled by AI’s that can be accessed by Dreaming and whenever you die, you will wake up with a little bit of information. Therefore collecting tapes and notes will help your Receiver to gather all the data they need about Mindkill. In this first-person shooter game, it is all about guns and the mechanics involved around. Collecting Tapes all around the map, destroying Turrets and enemies stealthily will bring out your soldier. Though an easy way out can be to use cheats and codes which we have mentioned in this guide.

Cheats Codes List And How To Access It In Receiver 2

To input Cheat Codes, all you need to do is type these specific letters on your keyboard.

  • IDDQD: Activates God Mode and become invulnerable.
  • IDKFA: Provide Ammunition.
  • INSIGHT: Rank Up.
  • NOCLIP: No clip required.
  • RECEIVE: Tape will be added.
  • SLOMO: The game will be slow motioned.

To access more cheats and dev’s options via Debug Menu in Receiver 2, you can press Ctrl + F12 after pausing the game. Accessing this might crash the game or you might face peculiar bugs in-game. The feature is not supported which is most likely the reason you might be facing issue after accessing it but this might be worth when you can find what all options you can include.

  • You can remove all enemies and simply run the game collecting all the collectibles.
  • It makes you undetectable by turning you invisible.
  • Spawn Enemies or Boss.
  • Load any levels.
  • Pilot drones.