Journey To The Savage Planet How To Farm Resources Fast To Upgrade

Journey To The Savage Planet is the latest open-world game released on PS4 and XBOX. Explore the extraterrestrial colorful world, study about its Inhabitat and craft various weapons, items, and gear in the game. But to craft these types of equipment you need to collect different types of resources.

In this post of Journey To The Savage Planet, I will show you some efficient way to farm faster and which resources you will need the most at the beginning of the game.

Journey To The Savage Planet Resources Guide

At the beginning of the game, a few resources that you need a lot are:

  • Carbon
  • Silicon
  • Aluminum


You will also require rare resources like Alien Alloy for some upgrades like faster reload for your weapons. Alien Alloy can be found inside a “Vaultivore“. Sometimes, you need to complete a puzzle to open the Vaultivore like find the roots and destroy the eye.

Note: Once you have collected a lot of resources or found an Alien Alloy, rush straight back to your ship to deposit these materials. Once you die, all your loots will be dropped which you have to retrieve it back by going to the same place. Each time you die, you will respawn in your ship.



Carbon is the most common resource in the game and you can harvest it by killing Pufferbirds. You can find a Pufferbird almost everywhere on the map and are pretty easy to kill.



Silicon can be farmed by killing Jellywaft with your gun. killing these Jellywaft can be a little hard as they move around like a frisbee. You need to scope in and kill them to get silicon. Don’t forget to pick up the silicon by going near their body.

Jellywaft is the inferior version of Tentawaft who provides both Silicon and Aluminum. You can find these monsters on the 3rd part of the landing site “Towering Crystal”



Aluminum can be farmed by killing Porcupod, you need to shoot them in their heart as they extend their hard shell for a few seconds. You can find these monster in the fourth part of the landing site “Meteor Crate”

To harvest these resources faster, use your Grob drink to lure the monsters. In this game, these monsters love the Grob drink which you can use them for advantage. Even Porcupod hard skin remains open all the time if you throw a drink on them.

Keep moving all the areas of the landing site to harvest faster. Some monster takes a longer amount of time to respawn than others so you need to switch between areas to harvest faster.


Veins in Journey To The Savage Planet game is the rich deposits of resources that you find on the map. These deposits are present sticking to the wall which you need to destroy in order to get a lot of resources. For each kind of resource, you can find their vein representing their resource color.