Industries Of Titan How To Get/Collect/Farm Influence Faster

Industries of Titan

Industries Of Titan is city management with industry simulation strategy game developed by Brace Yourself Games. The game is currently available only on Epic Games Store and is planned to release on Steam in the upcoming year.

The game is currently in its early access, and a lot of new updates will coming soon as promised by the developers such as Transportation, new combat, and a population simulation.

Industries Of Titan How To Increase Influence Faster

Every 15 seconds you will automatically gain 1 influence in the game passively. To increase the flow of influence, you can visit the council option at the bottom of the page and build the Council Monument.

To unlock the council monument, you will require to spend 100 credits. Credits can be earned from monetization centers by making your citizens work on them. Once you have built a monetization center, have enough energy to keep it running and a free citizen, you will keep generating credits.

Council Monument increase your gain rate of passive influence and can be upgraded. But keep in mind before upgrading that you have a sufficient amount of energy to provide the monument.

You can also gain influence by trading with the council. Minerals or credit can be donated to the council communications in exchange for Influence and the rates are:

  • 10 minerals will give you 4 Influence
  • 2 isotopes will provide 4 Influence
  • 100 Credit can be exchanged for 4 Influence
  • 1 Artifacts can be exchanged for 20 Influence

Artifacts can be obtained from ruins after surveying and extracting them.

Industries Of Titan Influence Use

Influence is one of the most important resources in the game Industries Of Titan. It can be used to claim lands that are currently not owned by you.

A barren land will cost you 4, runes will cost 10, the mineral resource will cost 20 and Isotopes 40 influence,. At the beginning of the game, you will need plenty of those to expand your territory and to purchase migrant ship to increase citizen.

Migrant ships can be purchased from Spaceport. To purchase these ships you need influence. These ships will contain citizens and resources.

So before buying a ship make sure to check the number of citizens and resources to gain maximum profit.

You can also use your influence to purchase resources from the council communications