Last Oasis- Ceramic Shard Farming Location And Tips Guide

Last Oasis

In the Last Oasis, Hard Zone is now functional and many players are diving down straight to collect all the resources and materials they can get out of this unknown territory. Luckily, if you are up for collecting Ceramic Shards then this guide will be worthwhile for farming up and upgrading your tools to a much more advanced version.

Ceramic Shard Farming Location And Tips For Last Oasis

Ceramic Shards are one of the important and rare resources which you can find in Hard Zone. So if you are alone with no clanmates then it will be convenient to collect as many resources as you can find and get the hell out of there. Speaking of Ceramic Shards, you can find Yellow Rupu which is tougher than the normal one. What makes Ceramic Shards most important is due to its involvement in the Advanced version of Pickaxe and Hatchet. We might all know that having an advanced version of tools will let you gather multiple resources in one swing.

It’s recommended to collect Clay and use it in the Furnace to get Ceramic Shards, so first, you must unlock Furnace which will come much handy now at all times. Speaking of Yellow Rupu earlier, they drop limited Ceramic Shards and battling against them is much difficult. Though killing these Rupus will also reward you with Feather and other resources, so if you find one you don’t back off from the challenge but rather speaking in farming way Clay is much easier and faster.

Last Oasis

To collect Clay, all you need to zoom in the map and locate these marked icons that say “Nomad Spider Walker” in Hard Zone as shown in the image. You will need to use Soil Excavator to collect all the clays from the spot and after collection, you can use it on Construction or creating Ceramic Shards out from the Furnace. This is all you require to collect Ceramic Shards and if you are up for more informative guides, then you can click these links that have been mentioned below the description: