Final Fantasy 7 Remake- All Materia Location For Chapter 2

FFVII Remake

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake after completing the first Chapter and destroying the Mako Reactor thus creating a big commotion all over the city, you find Jessie handing you a Healing Materia i.e. Green in color for saving her earlier. After collecting the Healing Materia, the Tutorial to use Materia helps you understand how the game Skills work and how to chain them up according to your preference. In this guide, we have mentioned all the Materia locations that you will find and collect in the very first Sector-08.

All Materia Location For Sector-08 In Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7

Excluding the first Materia i.e. Healing Materia that was handed over to you by Jessie, you will find 2 more Purple Materia lying on the ground and gears which contain a slot for Materia in the Loot Boxes. The very first purple Materia you might notice would be in the “Loveless Street” as shown in the image above. You cant proceed and collect at the beginning but after talking to Flower Peddler the army will come down to knock you out. After defeating the army, go back to the same location uninterrupted and collect the HP UP Materia.

Final Fantasy 7

The second and last Purple Materia would be available near the location where you found Flower Peddler. It is not missable and placed at the main objective course near the car as shown in the image above. After collecting the Deadly Dodge Materia, you can proceed ahead cleaning the streets and meet the crew in Train. For more guides on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we will be updating the post and currently follow the link that has been mentioned below the description: