No Man’s Sky How To Unlock New Exo Mech, Its Upgrades & Tips

No Man’s Sky Next

No Man’s sky just got the latest update with the new Exo Mech which is very useful for farming resources in planets that have harsh conditions.

In the new update the people playing with VR will truly feel the immersive cockpit of the Exo Mech and have a blast playing around.

There are also various other small updates to the game which you can check by visiting the official website HERE.

No Man’s Sky Exo Mech

You can unlock the Exo Mech from the Construction research unit by purchasing the plans for Geobays. The plan for the Exo Mech will cost you 10x Salvaged data.

The parts that required are Metal plating 5x, Ion Battery 4x and Paraffinium 100x. Once you have bought the plan of the Exo Mech Geobay, you need to build it. Geobay for Exo Mech can build anywhere and is not restricted to your home planet.

There is also a new technology called  Orbital Exocraft Materialiser which will cost you 15x Salavaged data and using this you can summon all your Exocrafts whenever you want and wherever you want from your freighter. To use this feature, you need to buy the plan and install it in your freighter. Players can only use this new feature if they already own a freighter.

For this to work, you need to summon your freighter on different planets and without Geobay now you can summon your Exo Crafts. Only the Exo Mech has special animation that pops down from the sky.

Note: To upgrade your Exocrafts for new technology, you can visit Perses on space anomaly.

No Man’s Sky Exo Mech Tips

With the New Exo Mech, collecting resources from various planets with harsh weather will be a lot easier now. The Exo Mech can withstand the harsh storm and won’t take any damage at all.

While the other Exocrafts will take minimal damage and you need to recharge their shields, using Exo Mech with its laser technology will help you farm faster than any other technology available in-game.

With its jetpack feature now you can travel faster in any kind of terrain and even walk underwater and collect resources. So if you are in any planet will a lot of ocean beds, Exo Mech is a great suit for you to try on and explore.

The scanning feature is way better in the Exo Mech after installing the scanning module, and by pressing C you can see all the resources or any other points that you need to visit. You don’t have to see through your visor every time.

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