Last Oasis- Beeswax Farming Location And Tips For Collection Guide

Last Oasis

In Last Oasis there are various resources and materials that are used to craft and among them, Beeswax is hard to find. It is not rare but can be overlooked as it is located at high altitude. In this guide, we have mentioned where you can find and locate the Beeswax easily whenever you are out farming and storing up the resources.

Beeswax Farming Location And Tips For Collection Guide On Last Oasis

To locate Beeswax, you can navigate and roam around places where green vegetation is found. There you would find various trees that can be cut down to collect resources and XP but before attacking any of it, you must look at the top branches to locate a white cocoon. These white cocoon as shown in the image above can be collected on Redwood Tree which provides you with Beeswax.

These Beeswaxes are an important resource as these are limited per area depending on how dense the forest is or the number of Redwood trees grown in the area. You can store and stash these Beeswax alongside Fragments and other important resources that you don’t want to lose against Raiders.

Grapple your hook and ascend through the tree to collect Beeswax and then cut down the tree with advanced Pickaxe as it has served its purpose. For more guides on the Last Oasis, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: