Last Oasis- Fragments Farming Location And Tips For Collection Guide

Last Oasis

In Last Oasis there are resources all over the map which we need to store up for upgrades or future use while building new cool Techs. Whereas purchasing new Tech from Tech Tree requires Fragments which is very scarce. We need to look out for the places where they can be found and there are few possible locations where we can head out from the start to farm them all.

Fragments Farming Location And Tips For Last Oasis

Fragments are essentially like golds and an important resource that you do not want to lose after so much adversity. Well, if you have not died yet while keeping Fragments in your possession as you will lose them. I had a rough start at the beginning where I didn’t use my Fragments and keep on accumulating until I die and got broke.

Well, surprisingly I found out that Rupu and Rupu Effigy drops fragments sometimes and if you have not completed the Tutorial quest then you are up for a treat. While exploring and navigating all alone in the desert, you might find tons of abandoned Walkers, ships, Cargo boxes, and loot boxes. Search them up in order to collect Fragments and other resources.

These Fragments are distributed randomly but I have found out that they can be farmed mostly in Loot boxes located in abandoned places or Urns in Rupu settlement. There is even an Ancient Fabricator that can convert 100 Fragments and 400 Torque into Tablet. This might be an excellent practice to safely insure your Fragments from losing as you might want them later while learning new recipes. Engaging fight against Rupu all the time might not be rewarding but infiltrating their village is. For more guides on the Last Oasis, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: