Golf Story shovel, find the idol in lurker valley, dig treasure, & save game

Golf Story

Golf Story is a lovely retro style Role-playing game developed by Sidebar Games. The game is currently available only on Nintendo Switch and is on sale.

With a lot of characters and their backstory, the game is not only about playing golf. In this game, you are a young golfer who gave up everything for his dreams to become a pro golfer.

The game is much like an adventure where you meet different players, learn more about the game, improve your skills and overcome obstacles. There are lots of different areas in this game and each one has its own challenges.

Golf Story Shovel

Finding a shovel can be a little tricky and even I had a lot of trouble searching for it. Digging Wedge in this game will work as a shovel and using this you can dig the treasures.

So equip your digging wedge and then talk to the archaeologist. If you don’t have a digging wedge, you can buy it from the Pro Shop in Wellworn Grove.

Golf Story Idol Location

After equipping the shovel, you need to talk to the archaeologist and he will take you to the treasure. There will be also a few quests you need to complete to play the course such as playing peewee golf and finding the turtles.

After talking with the archaeologist, he will guide you towards the treasure and you need to keep digging till you find the treasure. Along the way while digging you will earn some money.

Golf Story How To Save Game

Many players have complained about the game sometimes doesn’t autosave and players lose some of their progress. You can try to manually save the game and exit, but make sure you are in an open area to not lose your progress.

The game has an autosave feature enabled and automatically saves the game once you complete a quest. Sometimes the game might autosave when you enter or exit a new area.

Just make sure you don’t close the game between any quests or shut down your console. Before closing the game always try to go to an open space or try to visit a different area and then close the game.