Mount And Blade Bannerlord Family Feud Guide Walkthrough Tips Bug Fix

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade Bannerlord, you will get various quests from the NPC all around the map. One such specific quest is called “Family Feud”. This quest can be found in villages, visit any village and see if the headman of the village has a blue mark or not.

Interact with the headman to accept the quest and follow to guide below to complete it without any problem. This quest can be a little buggy but if you follow the steps properly, you can complete it without any problem.

Note: Save the game before talking with the other NPC party.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Family Feud

To complete the family feud quest in this game, you need to make a truce between two parties. One of the parties has killed the member of another and even if offering blood money, the other party is seeking revenge.

You need to escort a member of the first party to the village of the second party and make a truce between them to complete the quest. This quest is kinda buggy and if you don’t select the correct option the game will NPC will freeze and the quest won’t get completed.

First of all accept the quest from the NPC and you will find the person you need to escort in the same village. You can locate the person by pressing the “ALT” key and his name will be highlighted.

Escort the person to the other NPC village and start the conversation with the respective opposite party. Make sure while interaction you must select the second option “You are breaking the law“.

After that according to your character charm, you should convince the other party by selecting the 1st and 3rd option. If you gain success in selecting both the 1st and 3rd options the quest will be completed.

Note: Make sure you save the game before talking to the other party. If by selecting the 1st option and 3rd option, you don’t gain success. Load the save file and try selecting the 3rd option at the beginning and then 1st.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Bug Fix Family Feud

The only fix I could find is to load the previous save file, so make sure to follow the note above. If you can’t successfully make a truce between both parties, they will start fighting and then freeze.

After that all the NPC will talk to you normally as if nothing happened but the quest will remain incomplete. If you are not able to convince the other party and always fail due to low charm. Make sure you level up your character and upgrade his social skills.

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