Last Oasis- Earth Wax Farming Location Tips And Collection Guide

Last Oasis

In the Last Oasis when you have just begun started crafting Stations and Purifying water. The dead-end you might face would be the requirement of Earth Wax while building which is essentially much harder to find in the environment. It is quite rare and few mining rocks provide Earth Wax at the beginning but for farming, it cannot be considered as a reliable method. In this guide, we have discussed and mentioned what you guys need to do to farm and collect Earth Wax in abundance.

Earth Wax Farming Location Tips And Collection Guide For Last Oasis

In the Tech Tree, you might first need to build Soil Excavator and collect Fragments in order to unlock both Earth Wax and Stomping Station recipe. Right at the beginning you might face difficulty as Black Soil is still not introduced or maybe we have not yet found it in-game. The only reliable method to obtain Earth Wax is to build Stomping Station after building Soil Excavator.

To build Soil Excavator, you will need these required resources as mentioned below:

  • 20 Wood
  • 1 Torque Battery
  • 2 Fiber Weave

To build Stomping Station, you will need these required resources as mentioned below:

  • 45 Wood
  • 10 Rupu Vine
  • 20 Stone
  • 4 Wood Shaft

Wood, Stone, and Rupu Vine can be easily collected and harvested but Wood Shaft may require you to build yet another working station i.e. Woodworking Station. Building Woodworking station will provide you will Wood Shafts which can be used to build Stomping Station.

Wood and Stone can be collected from the small Urn present in Small Urn in the Rupu settlement or village. While harvesting Rupu Vine in the village, break the Urn in order to collect the loot i.e. Wood and Stone mostly. Wood and Stone can be collected in the natural order as from Tree and Rocks. Make sure while harvesting Rupu Vine, use Sickle because better the equipment you have, the better and more you will collect while harvesting.

Once you have built the required Station, you will be able to craft Earth Wax easily by using Palm Leaves and Mushroom Flesh. Earth Wax can be used to build Walkers, prevent your equipment to decay and make it waterproof. For more guidance on the Last Oasis, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: