Last Oasis- Bone Splinter Farming Location Tips And Guide

Last Oasis

In Last Oasis, the first and foremost task every player would be performing is farming resources from the environment all over the places. Gathering and Harvesting the resources will also increase the Experience. Apart from Stone, Wood, there is a Bone Splinter resource which is used to craft specific items that will increase your attack and defensive power. Though the amount of Bone Splinter required to collect would be large enough so the location to farm and harvest is essential and in this guide, everything is mentioned to help you in the beginning.

Bone Splinter Farming Location And Tips In Last Oasis

Last Oasis

To identify where you can collect Bone Splinter, you will notice a mammoth tusk originated from the ground in the canyon and valleys. Few tusks are small and some of them are huge which all provide the different quantities of Bone Splinter depending on the size. Whereas, if you have high-quality pickaxe for harvesting, the number of resources collected from breaking stuff is considerably increased. For example- Harvesting Fiber from hands will provide 1 at a time but using sickle you will get more than 2 at once. Similarly, the better the equipment you have for gathering, the better and faster you will farm.

We even noticed that in the Last Oasis, Rupu drops basic resources and rarely the high-level Rupu such as White Death possess Bone Splinter when they are looted. Even while looting Rupu Vine and Rupu Gel from the Rupu settlement, search and loot any chests which can be found to break and collect a high amount of resources. High-Level Pickaxe and Mammoth Tusks is an ultimate and efficient way to farm Bone Splinter for crafting weapons and armors such as Bonespike Sword, Spikebone Club, and Baskwood Armor. Make sure you craft the Woodworking station as fast as you can to unlock Wood Shaft which is essential and required in almost every crafting process. For more guides on Last Oasis, click on the following links that have been provided below the description: