Last Oasis- Black Soil Farming Location For Earth Wax

Last Oasis

In Last Oasis, we have come to a dead-end quite in the beginning as we have to gather Earth Wax. In order to get Earth Wax, you need a terrain that must be of Black Soil and some Purifying Water which should be produced at instance first after building Campfire. Currently, we need Black Soil to produce Earth Wax. In this guide, we have mentioned an alternate way in which you can gather Earth Wax as Black Soil is currently not available in-game.

Black Soil Farming Location For Earth Wax For Last Oasis

After building Soil Excavator, the first thing you need to unlock in Skill Tree would be Stomping Station instead of Earth Wax from Skill Tree. The reason is quite simple because the Black Soil is currently unavailable in the game as mentioned earlier in this and previous post. While yearning for Earth Wax, you can use Stomping Station to stomp and convert Palm Leaves And Mushroom Flesh into Earth Wax.

To build Stomping Station, you will need a few required resources as mentioned below the description to build it in your crafting station:

  • 45 Wood
  • 10 Rupu Vine
  • 20 Stone
  • 4 Wood Shaft

Wood and Stone can be collected easily as it is found in abundance all over the world. While farming Rupu Vine, you can find one in Rupu village or establishment. Look over a few huts that have been designed with green leaves or Rupu Vine. Harvest it by using Sickle in order to take advantage of collecting more amount of Rupu Vine in one swoop. Lastly, there is a Wood Shaft which we can either farm in Urn or Chests. The most reliable method is to craft Wood Working Station and learn Wood Shaft from Skill Tree. Wood Shaft is one of the most important resources which will be used in almost every building block.

Regarding Black Soil, we have no clue where to find it even after exploring almost every unlocked land on the map. We have confirmed that it is not available in-game and it might be introduced later but for now we need Earth Wax much more than we need Black Soil, so we can use the mentioned method as per this guide and store plenty of it. For more guide on Last Oasis, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: