Mount And Blade Bannerlord Settlement Guide How To Set Up/ Own One

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade Bannerlord, players have to reach a certain stage of the game in the main quest to form their own settlement. But there is also another way in which you can form your own settlement at the beginning of the game.

Note: To have your own kingdom, you need to siege a town. You can only siege a town if they are your enemy. To make a faction your enemy you need to take hostile action against their villages.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Settlement

Settlement in this game is basically your own town or castle. It is difficult to own your settlement at the beginning of the game. And there are two ways in which you can set up your own settlement.

The first option is to play through the main quest. After completing the Neretzes Folly quest, you will be asked to retrieve the dragon banner from the hideout. After getting the banner you can present it to Istiana or Arzagos. After that you will have the option to join the forces with Empire or against the empire.

If you choose to give the dragon banner to Istiana, you will also have an option form an imperial independent settlement.

If you choose to give it to Arzagos, you can have your own independent non-imperial settlement. To have your own independent settlement, you should have your clan rank 3 and 100 troops with you.

The second option is to siege a small castle at the early stage of the game. Make sure the castle you are attacking will be your enemies for the rest of the game. The faction that the castle belongs to will also be your enemies.

You need first wage war against the faction and start attacking the castle. During this time, you need to defend yourself against the troops of the castle and defeat them. Once you have defeated them, you will start to siege the castle.

It may take some time to siege the castle and during that time enemy reinforcements may come to their aid with whom you need to fight. Once the siege is complete attack the castle and form your own settlement

Manage Settlement

Make sure you have enough gold, food, and troops to conquer the castle and defend yourself against the enemy. Once you have conquered the castle, you need to take care of the castle by choosing the managing option.

You can also appoint governers to a town, upgrade its buildings and choose one of the daily defaults such as build houses, train militia, festivals and games, and irrigation. Focus on upgrading your walls, granary, workshops, and other projects.

Note: You can also enable Cheats in this game and attack any big town or castle at the beginning of the game, then press “CTRL+ALT+F4” to win the battle instantly. This way you can siege any castle at any point in the game but decrease the fun of doing it.

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