Mount And Blade Bannerlord Dragon Banner Guide And Hideout Location

Mount and blade bannerlord

Mount And Blade Bannerlord gives players some opportunity to choose their own faction and team up with one to during the main quest of the game.

There will come a point where you need to stand for the empire or against it. After completing the Neretzes folly quest will come the time for you to pick a side.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Dragon Banner

After completing the Neretzes Folly guide, you will be asked to meet two important persons for more information. These key people are Istiana and Arzagos who will be in their own respected castle.

Istiana can be found in the town of Epicrotea and she is a supporter of the Calradic Empire. Arzagos will be in Mannurath and revolts against the rule of the empire and wants a non-imperial faction would rule the kingdom.

After having a conversation with them, you will be asked to retrieve banner pieces for them from the hideout and assemble the banner pieces. After assembling choose whom to give this banner to or where does your allegiance lie.

Note: To show the location of hideout in the map, you need to lie both to Istiana and Arzagos that you intend to join their team. After lying to them the quest will be update and the hideout location will show in your map.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Dragon Banner Hideout Location

You will be asked to find out two hideouts and retrieve the banner. Once you have defeated the mountain bandits and retrieved the banner, present it to one of both the key people.

Istiana is a supporter of the empire while Arzagos is against it. So choose wisely whom you want to support. If you want to form your independent settlement, check out our guide HERE. To have your own independent settlement, you should have your clan rank 3 and 100 troops with you.

Note: The hideouts will be closed to the town, you just need to increase the field view of the map to find them. Use the image above to find the first castle. Similarly you will find another hideout near the town of Mannurath.

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