Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Workshops Guide How To Set Them Up

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord there are various ways to earn money. You can loot the bandits, looters and plunder a village. Caravans can also be stopped to trade or attack to loot all the supplies.

You can also buy resources from small villages and sell them to the towns that give maximum profits. To carry maximum resources, you need to buy horses or recruit them by winning the war.

In this post of Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Workshops guide will be shown to you as well as how to set them up and earn a good amount of gold. You can also check our other guide at the bottom of the page for some tips that will help you during your gameplay.

We will be adding more guides and walkthrough of the quests, do checkout later.

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Workshops

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Workshops

Workshops can be set up in any town by paying some amount of gold. There are various kinds of workshops you can set in this game such as clothing, pottery, brewery and much more.

To set up these workshops, you need to visit any town and press the “ALT” key to highlight the important places. There you can search for places like Wool Weavery, Pottery Shop, Tannery and a few others.

Go to these shops and talk with the shopkeeper and you will get the option to purchase this workshop. Purchasing these workshops will cost you around 12-15K gold. Unlike caravans these workshops won’t get looted or plundered by thugs.

You might not seem a high profit in the initial days, but after a few days they will start producing a good amount of gold. After the value of your workshop increases, you can also sell them to gain a huge profit and again buy that workshop for 13k gold.

Note: After setting up your workshop, you will start getting gold automatically. You can check the status of your workshops in the clan status or by pressing the “L” button. Workshops can be changed anytime by interacting with the same shopkeeper.

Where To Find Shopkeeper?

Shopkeepers can be found in any shop, brewery, and weavery. You need to visit these places during the day time and you will find the shopkeeper.

Interact with the shopkeeper to buy the workshop and start producing resources. It doesn’t matter which workshop it is because if you buy one, you can convert it into some other workshop. Below are the list of workshops you can set up in this game

Brewery- Produce Beer from grains.

Velvet Weavery- Cotton is weaved into velvet which is one of the luxurious goods in the game.

Linen Weavery- Flax is used in making garments and armor.

Wine Press- Grapes are used to produce wine.

Olive Press- Olives are used to press oil which can fetch a good amount in the market.

Wool Weavery- Clothing are made using sheep wools that are always in demand.

Tannery- Rawhide is turned into leather and light armor.

Wood Workshop- Strong hardwood is used to make fashion bows arrow and shield.

Smithy- Iron ore is used to make weapons and armors.

Silversmith- Silver is used in this workshop to make valuable jewelry which is always the finest among all trade goods.

Pottery Shop- Clay is used to make vessels and pottery for all the people including the rich and poor.

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