Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Neretzes folly Investigate Nobleman Guide

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, the first main quest can be a little confusing and hard to complete because of the game UI which is not very helpful. Even we had a lot of trouble at the beginning to find these noblemen.

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Neretzes Folly Quest Guide

Neretzes folly is the main quest that you have to complete after finishing the tutorial. Your brother will ask you to meet different 10 different Lord, Lady or nobles across the empire to know about its recent history.

The lords will be available in the keep of any castle or town. To enter the keep, you need to pay a bribe to the guard.

Note: You do not have to pay a bribe in all castles or towns. Just pay a bribe in a single castle and talk to that nobleman or lord to find a person name who knows about the Battle Of Pendraic. Below you will find the list of nobles who actually knows about the battle and can help you. These are the last seen location for me which might change from player to player.

  • Lucon (Lochana Castle)
  • Rhagaea (Phycaon)
  • Garios (Garengolia)
  • Adram (Tamnuh Castle)
  • Unqid (Sanala)
  • Tais (Asmait)
  • Mesui (Ulaan)
  • Monchug (Makeb)
  • Hurunag (Akkalat)
  • Godun (Tyal)

There will be more than nobleman and lords than these 10 mentioned above which you can locate from the encyclopedia.

You cannot just simply talk to any nobleman to complete this quest. While talking with a nobleman you will get an option to ask about the Battle Of Pendraic. Their reply might be “I wasn’t there” and will tell you a nobleman name who knows about it.

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Nobleman Location

After finding out the name of the nobleman who knows about the empire history, open your main quest page and at the top right corner you can see who has assigned you the quest. Left-click on the person who provided you with the quest to open the encyclopedia.

On the top right corner of the encyclopedia, you can find a search bar. There type the name of the nobleman and left-click on their name. After opening the page which contains their details, check the right side of the encyclopedia to find the last seen location of the nobleman.

Click on the name of the town and castle in which the nobleman was last seen and then you can find the track option. You can check the image below for reference. Once you have tracked the location, it will be displayed on your map and you can continue your journey to meet the nobleman.

After reaching the place, do not enter the keep. Rather wait for the nobleman or lord to come out of the castle and then speak with them. These noblemen or lord will have a blue “!” mark once they are out of their castle and town.

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