Mount And Blade Bannerlord Spy Party Guide Complete Walkthrough

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade Bannerlord, you will come across a lot of side quests out of which one is “The Spy Party”. The quest is given to you by a Noble in Onira called “Patyr”. You will get a lot of side quests as “Spy Party” from various other lords too which you need to complete the same way as mentioned below.

Patyr is the lord of Lycaron who is worried about a spy disguised as a fighter in his town. To complete this quest you need to find some clues about the spy from the townsfolk and locate the spy.

Note: There will be a total of 3 contenders out of which 1 will be a spy. You need to find the correct one else the quest will fail and your reputation will decrease.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Spy Party Walkthrough

After accepting the quest, head to the Lycaron town. There talk to some townfolks and guards to find yourself some clues. Press “ALT” to mark the important NPC but talk to their bodyguards for clues.

During your time of finding clues, many NPC will tell you to hurry up else the spy will escape. Do not panic you will have an ample amount of time to locate the spy. Out of 3 clues, one of the clues will be a lie for me it was the spy had hair.

After collecting three clues, you now can identify the spy. From the middle market, go towards the right side up the stairs and you will “Confident Contender”.Duel with the contender to defeat him and unmask the spy.

After winning the duel, leave the arena and the quest will be completed.

Tips For Spy Party

  1. You will get the “Spy party” quest multiple times from different lords and you have to visit the town to collect 3 clues about the spy.
  2. Once you have collected these clues save your game.
  3. One of the clues will be false among them so make sure to notice which NPC is lying as he will say he might not remember correctly.
  4. There will be a total of 3 spies whose name are Bold, Hardy and Confident Contender and they will be always surrounded by thugs.
  5. Even if your quest fails by killing the wrong contender, you can still load your previous save game and complete the mission.

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