Mount And Blade Bannerlord Caravan Guide & How To Set Them Up

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount And Blade Bannerlord there are various ways to earn gold and one of them is setting up “Caravan”. Setting up caravan will take some time as you need a lot of gold which will be hard to earn at the beginning of the game.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Caravan

The caravan is used in this game to start a trade and make some profit. You shouldn’t start a caravan at the early stage of the game, as you need to save up some gold to start the business smoothly.

Caravans will show a loss for the starting few days and then start gaining profits. Make sure you don’t have any enemies castle around where you start the caravan else they might ambush and loot your resources.

You can hire some companions to send them with your caravan to protect them, as you cant auto-follow your caravan.

How To Set Up Caravan

To set up a caravan, you need to visit any town and start talking with merchants or potters. Basically any NPC will do as long as it’s not a gang or thug.

The NPC will demand 15,000 gold in order to set up the caravan. At the beginning, you could see some of your gold getting invested in caravan mostly around 300 denar which will gradually decrease as your caravan moves through town and villages.

You will get 29 guards for paying 15,000 but you need to have a companion who can protect the caravan. You need to assign a companion to protect the caravan else you can set up one. You can check the status of your caravans by pressing “L” button or going into the clan menu.

Trade/ Loot Other Caravans

While moving around the map, you will some caravans of other cultures. You can stop those caravans to make a trade or plunder them.

Make sure they are your enemies before attacking the caravans or you will make some new enemies.

Note: After making enemies, you can also get ambushed by your enemies.

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