Mount And Blade Bannerlord Sell Prisoners, Recruit For Maximum Gold

Mount and blade bannerlord

In Mount and Blade Bannerlord, after the war, you can recruit some prisoners and sell them to other factions to make some denar.

You can attack villages, castle, town and mountain bandits to plunder and loot all the resources. Make sure your army is strong enough before heading to the battle.

In this post, I will show you how to recruit prisoners and sell them to other towns to earn gold.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Sell Prisoners

To sell prisoners, you need to visit any town and then click on “Go to tavern district”. There you will have the option to “Ransom all your prisoners or selected ones”. Better prisoners will fetch you more gold while ransoming normal looters will get you less gold.

To get the best prisoners, you need to raid any village but you will make the whole faction your enemy. So make sure your army is strong enough to win the raid. After the raid, you will get a lot of resources and prisoners.

If the enemy has horses, after the war you can take them for your army while increasing your load capacity. You will able to transport more food and your army will be stronger with horses.

Mount And Blade Bannerlord Recruit Prisoners/ Troops

After the war, prisoners will be available for you to recruit. You can also “take hostile action” against a village and force them to give your troops.

If you are doing this action for the first time, the villagers will go to war with you, so make sure your army is strong enough. Once you have won the war in the village, you can recruit troops and take some prisoners.

In the second time if you choose the action to take hostile action against the same village, the villager won’t get into the war and directly give you supplies or troops.

Note: Make sure to make them your enemies before attacking a particular village. If you keep on taking hostile actions, your reputation will decrease with the respective notables of the villages.

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