Nioh 2- Tea Utensils Farming And Tea Connoisseur Trophy Guide

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, there are items such as Tea Utensils whose drop rates are quite low. The Trophy Tea Connoisseur is also associated with Tea Utensils and can be unlocked after collecting and Appraising in the Hidden Teahouse at Starting Point. Just like various items that do not consume space in your Inventory, Tea Utensils are similar kinds of items whose drop rate can be tinkered by various methods. In this guide, we have mentioned an efficient and fastest way to farm Tea Utensils and unlock the Trophy before the end of the Clan Battle.

Tea Utensils Farming And Tea Connoisseur Trophy Guide For Nioh 2

Once you enter the Hidden Teahouse and select Clan Battles, there are various Clans that provide different and special bonuses under Crest Protection. One of these provides bonus Tea Utensils drop rate which will slightly increase the chance. After selecting the clan, you will need to navigate back to your Hut and Remodel it. Under Remodel Hut, you will find the Tea Utensils section that deals with an increase in Luck and Drop Rate that stacks along with your Clan. You can use Recommended Placement or place it on your accord to check whether the Drop Rate is increased by changing the placement of Tea Utensils on Display Shelf.

Make sure, you store items that increase the Drop Rate of Items rather than equipment Drop which is two different things. As, Tea Utensils is an Item and it is affected by Item Drop Rate, stack and equip items that increase the Drop Rate and move along to the following location to farm Tea Utensils. After unlocking the seventh Region “Afterglow”, open the Main Mission “The Blue-eyed Samurai”. In this mission, the main boss William drops Tea Utensils in a ratio of 1:3 after applying Level Sync. This is a much easier mission to farm apart from other missions where you can hopefully find the Tea Utensils.

Other mission in NG+ such as in Dawn Sub Mission “The Refined Man Of The Underworld” where you have to battle against two Main Boss Gozuki and Mezuki and is harder compared to William. Particularly in NG+, you will find Tea Utensils in almost any other Sub-missions but the difficulty level will make it much harder and consume lots of time as compared to in normal one. So, it is recommended to skip all the Yokai and run to fight against William every single time in the mission with higher item and Tea Utensils Drop Rate chance.

The Tea Utensils are also dropped from normal Yokai but it is inconsistent. Make sure you Appraise 50 Tea Utensils whether it is discarded or not it will be counted as one in Appraised. After 50 Appraised Tea Utensils, the Tea Connoisseur Trophy will be unlocked in Nioh 2. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: