Nioh 2- Orange Inheritable Effect Transfer And Revenant Farming

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you must have wondered about the weapon Familiarity if you have not played Nioh 1. This might be an unknown territory but we have tried to break it down for you all and how you can use the Inheritable effects of your weapons as well as your armors. We have also mentioned the best possible farming location for the rare orange inheritable effect which can be inherited or transferred to your favorite weapon.

Orange Inheritable Effect Transfer In Nioh 2

You will find tons of different weapons by defeating Yokai or Revenant as well as can be forged by the Blacksmith. These weapons have one thing in common, Familiarity. As long as you are using the weapon and slaying Yokai’s, the Familiarity of your weapon will keep on increasing till it reaches max. Well, the Familiarity of your weapon plays an important role to increase your Inheritance damage or effects. As you keep on increasing your Familiarity, the Inheritance effect will also increase. As shown in the image below, you can see the sign beside the Bow Damage there is an inheritable sign which can be inherited by other weapons or even armors.

Nioh 2

The white inheritable effect is common and not as powerful as orange inheritable which is considered rare at a point. To inherit the effect, go to the blacksmith and select Soul Match. On the screen, you will be given to choosing a base weapon and the Material. Remember the base weapon is your desired weapon which will inherit the effect and the Material is the weapon that will transfer its inherent effect to the base with regard that the Material has maximum Familiarity. The Finished Form will show you that you have inherited the effect from the material.

Revenant Farming For Orange Inheritable Effect  Preferred Location

It is quite simple but the problematic part is Orange inheritable effect cannot be found easily. Well, that’s what we thought until we fought Revenant in the particular mission which drops weapons and pieces of equipment that contain Orange Inheritable most of the time. The mission named “The Mysterious One Night Castle” which will be familiar as we have played in Nioh 2 Demo or Beta release. Defeat all Revenants and scout the places for enemies till 2-3 min so that the Revenants spawn time can be reset. Pray where the Shrine is located and farm Revenants till you have collected and satisfied the hunger for Orange Inheritable.

Increase the Familiarity and Soul match the weapon or armor to Inherit the special Orange Effect to increase Damage specifically or Lightning/Poison/Life Steal effects depending on your choice and availability. Create your own custom weapon to reach the endgame and defeat the Final Boss aka Otakemaru. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: