Nioh 2- Yasakani Magatama Farm Trick And Best Location

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, each set bonuses depends on how much gear of the required set you are wearing to acquire its effect. Requiring and farming for the complete set to reach the endgame might be effective when you are constantly changing the gear i.e. infused with high luck and drop rate. Whereas there is an Accessory that is independent and has a very unique effect that cannot be ignored. Yasakani Magatama is an accessory which you might find it very useful when you learn about its effect and where you can acquire it. In this guide, we have mentioned everything you need to know about this unique accessory.

Yasakani Magatama Farming Trick And Best Location In Nioh 2

As mentioned earlier, Yasakani Magatama is a unique accessory that has negligible weight and increases toughness, as well as Defense but the most important feature of it, is that it helps you gain set bonus requirements +1 or as the game mentions “set bonus requirement reduced -1”. This means that the complete set of 6 pieces of equipment bonus can be achieved by acquiring and wearing 5 pieces of equipment of required set when you have equipped Yasakani Magatama in your Accessory slot.

To obtain or farm Yasakani Magatama, you can very well go to Region 4 Dawn and select the sub-mission “Abduction”. There you will spawn near a Shrine where you will find few or precisely 3 Yokai’s gawking over a body in a house that allows you to search and drop random accessories. As it all depends on RNG and no gear that affects luck will be effective, you will find yourself struggling and searching it all over the map.

Well, there is a trick that allows you to farm and collect Yasakani Magatama 100% accurately. Search the dead corpse and it will drop random items, you can go back to the shrine and pray again without picking up the searched item to reset it once. Kill those small fries and search it again, after praying once and searching the very first corpse might or might not drop Yasakani Magatama. After praying once and searching again, use Divine Branch Fragment to reset the mission and come back again to the same point. Repeat this method till you have finally obtained it which will allow the tides of battle to favor your side even if your set is incomplete. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: