Animal Crossing New Horizon How To Grow Money Tree For Unlimited Bell

Animal Crossing New Horizon

Animal crossing new horizon is filled with plenty of surprises if you are new to this franchise. Similarly for us this is our first animal crossing game and I am shocked to see that we can actually grow a money tree.

Planting a money tree daily will be a steady income for you in this game. The process to plant a money tree is quite simple.

How To Grow A Money Tree In Animal Crossing New Horizon

To plant a money tree in this game, first, you need to find that sweet spot where the money tree will go. For that you can search for glowing yellow light on the grounds where you get 1000 bells upon digging.

After digging up that spot, you will see bright yellow light coming out the hole. Do not fill up that hole, rather open your inventory and make a pouch of bells.

To make a pouch of bells use the image above as a reference and then bury that pouch in the hole. After 3-4 days, you can see the tree fully grown up and producing three bags of bells.

These bags of bells will give the same amount of money as you have buried in the hole. For example you bury 1000 bell pouch, you will get 3000 in return. The max I have planted is 12000 and got 36000 in return. You can try upto 15000 or 20000.

Note: Each day you can find one glowing spot on the ground where you can plant these trees and in the upcoming days, you will be way too rich and can easily pay off your house loans to Nook.

Note: These tree will only generate bells bags only once, after that they will be normal trees not bearing anything. You can cut them down with an metal axe. To get unlimited money, you can time travel and use this method which we don’t recommend.

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