Half-Life: Alyx- How To Fix Your Hand Disappearing

Half-Life Alyx

In Half-Life: Alyx, the VR world developed by Valve has a small and minor glitch which makes your hand goes invisible. The game has been released recently and it is not a surprise that the players are facing few minor bugs. Though the game continues, you are unable to look at your hand and interact as it should have been structured. This bug might be fixed in the future after the hotfix by the devs but currently, you can try these tricks which we have mentioned in this guide to avoid any inconvenience and spoil your experience.

How To Fix Your Hands Disappearing In Half-Life: Alyx

After experiencing the disappearance of your hand will have instantly made players switch and load back your old save file, hoping that it might fix your hand and play normally. It works and loads your game normally with your hand fixed but all the progress made will be lost. Well, instead of loading back to the save point all the time when your hand is scuffed, you can try switching your primary hands back and forth.

Switching your primary hands instantly lets you regain control over your arms and play the game as it was supposed to. This is a minor bug that we hope will be fixed as soon as possible, till then you can practice this method to regain back your hand back to purge the Combine mercilessly. For more guides on Half-Life: Alyx, you can click the link mentioned that have been mentioned below the description: