Animal crossing new horizon bamboo location & how to plant in your island

Animal Crossing New Horizon

In Animal Crossing New Horizon, you get the full authorization to customize your own island as you keep progressing your game.

At the starting of the game on day 2, you can visit different islands and collect roses, different fruit trees and other resources which you can’t find on your own island.

Bring back these resources and plant them on your island to diversify the resources available and make it more beautiful.

How To Get Bamboo In Animal Crossing New Horizon?

One of the rare trees you will find in this game is the bamboo. Currently bamboo is rare as it can be only found in the other islands that you can visit using 2000 Nook Miles.

You can start visiting other islands from day 2 by buying Nook Miles Ticket and using it in Airport. Each time you use a ticket, you will be transported to a different island.

So make sure you collect all the resources of that particular island that are not currently present on your island. Also hit all the rocks with a shovel to collect clay, iron ore and bells.

Note: You can also visit any friend island from the airport and take bamboo pieces from them using a flimsy axe. Then plant these bamboo shoots in your island and water them.

How To Collect Trees From Other Islands

If you hit a tree with a shovel, nothing will happen and you will bounce back a bit. But if you eat a fruit and then use a shovel on a tree, it will directly go into your inventory.

Once you got the tree in your inventory, go back to your island, dig a hole and plant the tree. Each time you eat fruit, your power increases and you can break rocks or uproot trees. Using these power moves will consume 1 charge which can again be refilled by eating fruits again.

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