Doom Eternal- How To Use And Unlock Fast Travel

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is yet another one of the awaited games and the fast-paced first-person shooter of 2020 in which the players are grinding and destroying the Hell spawns along with collecting Sentinel Battery, unfolding Secrets and collecting all collectibles. The game even allows you to enjoy the classic gun noise of Doom and tear up the enemies with bare hands. It all comes down to how many collectibles you have found in a single run and whether there is a way in which you can jump into the middle of the unexplored part of the map, rather than starting from the beginning. In this guide, we have mentioned how you can use Fast Travel and explore the unvisited areas.

How To Use And Unlock Fast Travel In Doom Eternal

You must have used Fast Travel in any other game which allows you to travel between the portal or a checkpoint from various areas. This game Fast Travel system is quite different from others. First, you will need to unlock the Fast Travel for each mission. To unlock, you will need to progress forward normally as you have been in order to complete the mission. There will be a prompt message before at a certain point of each mission near to the end which will say that Fast Travel is enabled. As soon as you are notified, open your map and press button that has been assigned for Fast Travel i.e. F for PC, X for Xbox One and Square button for PS4.

Make sure after enabling Fast Travel, do not complete the mission as it will lock the Fast Travel and start another mission.  To unlock the feature, you will need to reach a certain point of each mission where the system enables Fast Travel and use it at very instant. You can Fast Travel to pre-determined points to collect all the missable collectibles and unlock the secrets. If you are not interested in using Fast Travel, simply complete the mission and eliminate all the enemies that stand against you. For more guide on Doom Eternal, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: