Nioh 2- How To Earn The Valuable Cherry Blossom Chapbook

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, there are few conditions and requirements to unlock Sub Missions and new moves. Similarly, the Sub Mission “Yaksha Returns” needs you to UNLOCK THE INTERIM, Earn The Valuable “Cherry Blossom Chapbook”, and Speak with Azai Nagamasa IN THE INTERIM. In this guide we will be focusing on how and where you can earn the valuable “Cherry Blossom Chapbook”.

How To Earn The Valuable Cherry Blossom Chapbook In Nioh 2

To earn Cherry Blossom Chapbook, you will need to complete yet another Sub Mission i.e. The Scented Letter in Dream region. The Recommended Level for the Sub Mission is 112 and to complete the Sub Mission, you can take help from other players or even take advantage of Benevolent Graves if your Level and equipment gear level is low.

Nioh 2

Cherry Blossom Chapbook will be earned at the end of the mission straight-forward. Under Cherry Blossom Tree, you will be directed to read which will provide you with Cherry Blossom Chapbook. After unlocking it, you can complete the other two requirements in order to enter “Yaksha Returns”. For more guides related to Nioh 2, you can click on the link that has been mentioned in the description: