Nioh 2- Flying Kato Smithing Text And Item Drop Location

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you must have come across Smithing Text which in turn can be used to forge a weapon or armor of any kind. Smithing Text is a blueprint of the weapon or an armor set that unlocks the ability to be forged by the Blacksmith after you have collected all the required material. As you have noticed, acquiring and equipping the complete set of specific equipment i.e. armors and weapon provide a special set bonus. In this case, if you all are struggling to acquire Flying Kato Smithing Text Location and the respected equipment mentioned in the set then this guide delivers it all.

Flying Kato Smithing Text Location And Item Drop-In Nioh 2

As far you are increasing your Ninjutsu proficiency and overall cross 100,000, then a tutorial boss fight will be unlocked “The Way Of The Ninja: Veteran” which involves a boss fight in Dojo. Kato Danzo is a very skilled Ninja which relies on its skill that involves throwing smoke bombs to vanishing in thin air, preparing to catch you off guard. What makes the tutorial boss fight difficult is that your hit might not land easily as your opponent is very agile. Even close combat and ranged combat is no good as he makes great use of throwable items, spells, and his sword. You can parry, block or disrupt his balance in order to confirm a clear striking combo. Make sure that you constantly change your position and poke whenever there is an opening.

Nioh 2

This fight is an important step to unlock or obtain a Smithing Text: Swift Hawk which can be ultimately used in Blacksmith to forge a “Master Of Illusion” set. With regard to completing the set, the very first thing you will need to equip Luck gear, Hunter’s Blessing and equipment that also contribute increase item drop rate. As shown in the image, all the set for Master of Illusion is an item that the game allows to collect it by increasing its item drop rate and luck to increase rarity. Depending on RNG it might be too fast or relatively slow to complete and use all 6 of these Set Bonus.

For all the Ninjutsu users, this is a must item they need to add in your collection as this is a set that can only be unlocked by those who have increased their Ninjutsu proficiency to par. Fight against Kato Danzo until you collect all his Flying equipment and his sword, as this is the only place where you will be able to complete the “Master Of Illusion” set. For more guide on Nioh 2, click on the following guide that has been mentioned below the description: