Nioh 2- Quality Umbracite Uses And Ways To Get It

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you will be able to access Blacksmith in order to Forge, Temper or even Disassemble your equipment which was similar to in Nioh. Detailed forging required crafting materials that can be accessed after completing the Mission. Umbracite fragment is a common fragment that will be available easily in almost every map, though the different versions of Umbracite i.e. Quality Umbracite can only be obtained by completing a specific mission. In this guide, we have mentioned what you need in order to get Quality Umbracite and what it is used for.

Quality Umbracite Uses And Ways To Get It In Nioh 2

Quality Umbracite can be collected from as mentioned in the reward section of Twilight Mission. Complete Twilight mission and once a day it will be set as a reward. Other High-Quality armors and pieces of equipment are also rewarded which might lose its value and cannot be compared to a piece of Quality Umbracite. You must have noticed that an Umbracite can be forged in the blacksmith under the Tools section after consuming  10 fragments each. Even these Umbracite can also be obtained after disassembling your equipment or helping and assisting in co-op plays.

The Quality Umbracite is one of a kind and can only be found in Twilight Mission currently, maybe as you progress further there might be different ways to farm these Quality Umbracite. In order to use all these types of Umbracites, you will need to go to Blacksmith and select Temper. Choose any weapon you need which will bring you to another screen which allows you to temper the special effects of your armor and weapons.

Select one of your unlocked effects of weapon/armor and replace it with one of the desired Umbracite/Quality/Fabled/Divine Umbracites effects. On the below, it will be mentioned how much Umbracites or Quality Umbracites is required along with its Tempering Cost. Replace it according to your preferences and complete the journey that has been destined to. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: