Ori and the will of the wisps Willows End Walkthrough Guide 100% map

Ori and the will of the wisps

Willow’s end is the final area of the game Ori and the will of the wisps which you access from windswept wales, after collecting 4 wisps.

The last wisp “heart of the forest” will be in Willows end which you need to free from the decay. The decay will block your path towards the spirit willow.

You need to destroy the 8 corrupted hearts to collect the final wisps and unlock your way towards the spirit willow.

In this post of Ori and the will of the wisps, I will show you the complete map of willows end, where to find the corrupted hearts, location of Lupu from where you can unlock the complete map and few tips.

Ori and the will of the wisps Willows End 100% Map

In the image above, the place where Ori is you can find Lupu the traveler who sells maps.

Willow’s End Corrupted Hearts Walkthrough / Guide

1st Heart

Ori and the will of the wisps

While reaching the first corrupted heart your way will be blocked by a big boulder. As soon as you destroy the yellow goo, the boulder comes crushing.

You can quickly go down and dash towards the wooden wall. After that, the way will be open towards the first corrupted heart

2nd Heart

Use triple jump and Ku feather towards the left side down the corrupted water. Then use the teleporter and grapple to go till the top. Keep advancing forward and you will reach the second heart.

Note: You need to jump on time from the speedily rotating boulder.

3rd Heart

Go right from the way to spirit willow, burrow through the sand and using enemy projectiles, bash and launch your way towards the heart.

The way seems long, but it is completely a single puzzle if you do it correctly, you can reach the heart in 1 try and a few seconds.

4th Heart

From the way towards the spirit hollow go left and after crossing the gap, you will see a boulder falling down. After the boulder falls down, you can see a teleporter on the jump.

Go through the teleporter and all the way down till you reach the 4th heart. Once you reach the position of the 4th heart, you can see three laser beams.

Make your way past laser beam to the other side and on the top you can see the corrupted heart. Triple jump your way past the wooden floor and destroy the heart.

5th Heart

The 5th one is a little tough and you need to be fast while coming and going out of teleporter. After reaching the three laser beam place, on the ground, you will find 2 teleporters. Jump down the right teleporter and you will come out of the other side.

From there jump top on the inside of broken boulder and go through the teleporter. After that, you will have to stick to the small rock on the top of your head near the boulder, check the above image for reference. From there you will find a teleporter on the top.

In the final part, you have to use Ku feather to make your way towards the top where you will find the corrupted heart.

6th Heart

Keep going left from the way to the spirit willow and jump down the teleporter to reach the heart, there you have to fight a boss to destroy one corrupted heart.

Keep hitting the core of the boss for maximum damage. Dodge his laser by going through the portals and deflect the projectiles using bash.

7th Heart

Ori and the will of the wisps

Destroying this heart is a little tricky, you need to master your bash ability and deflecting projectiles to easily reach the heart. After reaching the heart position jump through the teleporter and you will come out from the top.

From there go to the right side and destroy the other teleporter wall. Jump down from there and you will see an enemy throwing out projectiles. Deflect the projectile into the teleporter.

After that go top and again deflect it sideways. Then you have to go to the left side and deflect it back to top ways. And finally, use that projectile to destroy the purple wall.

8th Heart

From the way to the spirit willow, triple jump and use the launch to reach the top. There go towards the left side and you will see a rotating boulder. Use the boulder teleporter to cross the laser.

After coming out of the teleporter, go inside another teleporter inside the boulder. After that use launch and grapple to your way towards the top.

After that use teleporter and enemy, projectiles to make your way towards the heart. After destroying the final heart, the way towards the spirit hollow will unlock.

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