Nioh 2- Snake Statues Location And Guide That Controls River

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you will first encounter a poisonous river blocking the path in Main Mission “The Viper’s Sanctum”. Poison damage is over time which can be healed by using Antidote but the amount of damage taken in the pool of poison is considerably high. To unlock the path ahead, you will need to destroy these Snake statues. In this guide, we have mentioned where you can find all the three snake statues in “The Viper’s Sanctum.

Snake Statues Guide To Control River In Nioh 2

First Snake Statue

Once you reach the tunnel inside, you can find Spring Bath on the same level inside a small cave. After a refreshing bath, you can run down all the way to the opposite side of the river to drop down from the cliff as shown in the image above. Defeat all the enemies in order to break the statue uninterruptedly. After destroying the Snake Statue, the venomous river will dry up revealing a new path and Kodama nearby which can be guided to the Shrine.

Nioh 2

Inside one of the cave, you will find enemies and mini-boss Yoki near the Snake Statue as shown in the image above. After destroying Yoki and the statue eventually, you will find all the river dried up which will unlock all the ground to be explored.

Nioh 2

The final statue is located near the Shrine which is in a corrupted area. Defeat the mini-boss to unlock the ability to pray. Including 2 snake enemies, you will find a Snake statue located in the edge as shown in the image. Destroy the statue in order to dry up the pool inside. Before entering the Boss fight with Katsu-No-Yami, you might need to have access to this Shrine in order to respawn.

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