Nioh 2- Rolling Cat Or Scampuss Uses And Status Buff

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you will find a rolling Cat or also known as Scampuss to aid in battle. Scampuss would be found in each and every Main Mission as well as Sub-Mission. After interacting with the adorable puffy cat, you will see Scampuss following and aiding you in combat. It might seem out of character as the damage output of the cat is very low but if you might notice there is a different perk or status bonus which is activated for a little duration. In this guide, we will mostly speak about Scampuss and its uses.

Rolling Cat Or Scampuss Status Buff In Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Though the use of Scampuss might be very intriguing to the players who all rely on interrupting enemies’ heavy attack or create spacing with the help of Burst Counter in combat. Before any mini-boss fight or somewhere around the corner near the battlefield, you will find a Rolling Cat sleeping. After interaction as shown in the image above, you will find yourself buffed. Well, the Scampuss Buff allows your character to regen Anima after a period of little duration. Along with Buff, Scampuss will hop around and deal very little damage which will drain out a chunk of Ki or Balance of the enemies.

As mentioned in Yokai Illustrations, Scampuss is a Yokai in the form of a particularly corpulent cat that hop around the travelers. Similar to Scampuss, Obo and Notsugo resemble animals such as weasels or dogs. It is said that this yokai seek their mother’s warmth as they were once young children or babies who suffered untimely deaths. As they entangled themselves around strangers, they deplete the enemies Ki which makes it efficient while fighting against Revenant or heavily armored enemies.

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