Ori and the will of the wisps All Achievements According to difficulty

Ori and the will of the wisps

In Ori and the will of the wisps, there is a total of 37 achievements that you can unlock. In this post, I will show you the list of all achievements starting from the easy ones.

All Achievements List

Close Call – Run away from the howl and fend him off with the torch.

Did I Do That? – Defeat 10 enemies by using environmental hazards like spike and corrupted water.

Take the Bug by the Horn – Defeat the horn Beetle.

Home Sweet Home – Reach the Wellspring Glades.

Let the Waters Flow – Clear the Watermill.

Juggling Act Juggle 3 or More PRojectiles in the air for over 5 seconds.

Bring it On Defeat 5 enemies without touching the ground.

Dark Triumph – Fend off the spider boss Mora.

Guardian’s Rest – Fend Off Kwolok.

Timely Demise – Defeat Kwolok in Under 2 Minutes.

Icy Escape – Escape the Avalanche.

Quick Sand – Escape the ruins.

Laser Brain – Defeat the Willow Stone.

Shrine Bright – Complete all Spirit Shrines.

Fully Slotted – Upgrade all Shard Slots. ( You need to unlock the shards capacity by defeating enemies near shrines)

Stone Cold – Defeat the final boss Shriek.

Destiny – Complete the game in any mode.

Tools of the Trade – Unlock all Abilities. Check out our all abilities list HERE.

Mad Skills – Upgrade all Abilities

Mark of the Trader – Complete the Trade Sequence Quest. (Hand to hand).

Healthy – Max out Life. (Including finding all life orbs.)

Powerful – Max out Energy.

Cartographer’s Protege – Buy all maps from Lupo.

Fixer Upper – Complete all Wellspring Glades Projects.

Shard Hunter – Unlock all Shards. Check out our all spirit shards list HERE.

Completionist – Complete every Side Quest.

Damage Spike – Defeat 3 Enemies with a Single Spike.

Shard Specialist – Upgrade all Shards.

Lost and Found – Find all collectibles.

Speed Demon – Complete all Spirit Trails.

Hardcore Fan – Complete in Hard Mode.

High and Dry – Avoid Touching any corrupted Water.

Look at the Time – Complete the game in under 4 hours.

Shardless – Beat the game without equipping a shard.

Lightless – Beat the game without spending any spirit light.

Immortal – Complete the game without Dying.

Ori and the will of the wisps Secret Achievement

Untouchable – Defeat the spider boss Mora in Mouldwood Depths without taking any damage.

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