Ori and the will of the wisps Baurs Reach Walkthrough 100% Map

Ori and the will of the wisps

Baurs reach is one of the areas in Ori and the will of the wisps which will be blocked by a big bear. In this area, you have to find the “Memory of the forest” and light up the freezing area.

You will have to find the tree to absorb its power in order to find the-wisp. After absorbing the tree power, you will get “Light Burst”. Using this ability will light up the frozen lantern which will melt all the ice around it.

Below you will find 100% map image, where to find the tree and light burst ability and how to reach the-wisp in Baurs reach.

Note: At starting, you might get stuck near a big pot. You need to use your flap ability to make the light burst come out of pot. Use bash ability multiple times on it to make it reach the lantern.

Ori and the will of the wisps how to wake up bear?

Before you can access baurs reach, you need to complete the silent wood. In silent wood you will receive Ku feather which will unlock the flap ability.

After you unlock this ability, go near the bear and use it on his nose. The bear will sneeze and go back a bit which will make a way for Ori to explore baurs reach.

Ori and the will of the wisps Baurs Reach 100% Map

To reach the wisp at the top, first of all, you need to unlock “light burst ability”, below you can find the image of the location.

After unlocking the ability, reach the area shown in the image above and use the light burst ability on the lantern. After lighting up the lantern the path below will open and the flow of air will be upwards. Using Ku feather you can reach till the top.

Ori and the will of the wisps Spirit Shards Location

Lifeforce- To reach here, you need to have the burrow ability. This shard will deal additional damage to enemies if hope has Hp less than 50%.

Fracture – It splits your light burst ability into 3. You need to go underwater to collect this shard.

Catalyst- You need to have a light burst ability to visit this area. After lighting up the lantern the platform below will open with the airflow going up. Jump down from there to reach this area.

Light Burst Ability Location

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