Nioh 2- Best Character Creation Codes And Its Source

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 is an action-adventure role-playing game in which you can customize and create your own character. Lately, the communities are spending most of their time creating their perfect Nioh 2 character for the run. The game even allows your creation to be shared among Nioh 2 players. Let alone these characters look alike some famous anime character to the previously released game protagonist. In this guide, we have compiled a bunch of Character Creation Codes which you can use to import other sick looking created characters into yours to battle against Yokai.

How To Input Others Character Creation Codes

During the Character Creation page, you might find an option “Input Character Creation Code“. Below that you can enter the exact code as it is case sensitive which we have mentioned along with the source and prestigious players who have shared their creation to use. All these credits go to the creators and if you all want to share your own creation then mail us to be featured.

Best Character Creation Codes In Nioh 2


Nioh 2

After slashing your way through droids and war machines from Nier Automata, she has been revived in the Samurai era by her creator and Reddit user “JayHeartay“. Equip all the medieval weapons and perform all deadly combos to eliminate all threats which she does the best.

Source: JayHeartay

Creation Code: &pQU4REQuYwuz

Hisoka Morow

Nioh 2 Character Creation

The Magician and the reputed Grim Reaper from Hunter x Hunter are live and created by “Elfington“. It’s a new era for the evil and sharp Hisoka who changes stance to drop bodies instead of Bungee Gum.

Source: Elfington

Creation Code: fUW+xeu@KE8uS

The Joker

Nioh 2 Creation Code

Speaking of Jester, who can triumph one of the evil villains of DC than Joker which is created by “legend27_marco“. Bringing back the vibe of Batman Ninja’s Joker, let the madness begins in the world of Nioh.

Source: legend27_marco

Creation Code: 2z&mhcNqYxeZS

Harley Quinn

Nioh 2

Featuring the one and only Harley Quinn in Nioh 2 which was possible due to its creator and Reddit user “547506“. She has been very well connected in all movies and game franchise that is connected to DC. Well, who would blame and resist her temptation to follow Joker in Nioh 2 universe.

Source: 547506

Creation Code: Na?eGZxKK+6sS


Nioh 2

From the successful and famous game like Witcher, her charm and the Law Of Surprise is well known to all. The Cintra’s Princess is now trapped in the age of Samurai and Yokai due to her creator and Reddit user”TheSpiritOfTheWest“. If you are up for female characters then you can’t miss her out.

Source: TheSpiritOfTheWest

Creation Code: eNjwF8rL3rwsA

Solid Snake

Character Creation Solid Snake

The name says it all about the main primary protagonist of the Metal Gear series developed by Hideo Kojima. His creator “shieldspirit05d” brought him into the era of sword and spear to show his skill which is not limited to guns.

Source: shieldspirit05d

Creation Code: icVfiLis8f3&i


Nioh 2

The game which is set in the era of Samurai cannot miss one of its iconic characters Sekiro which was just released last year to display its honor. The Creator and Reddit user “Puck_The_Pisky” has revived and brought him back into action before he lost his hand to the General. He is not a stranger to Ninjutsu’s and Yokai which gives him the perfect chance for all Sekiro fans to enter his code and slash all the enemies along with his Guardian Spirit just like the Sekiro game.

Source: Puck_The_Pisky

Creation Code: %gNw9duMNSYNz

Geralt Of Rivia

Nioh 2

Toss a coin to your Witcher for all the demon problems that you have. Instead of his iconic sword, he will show his battle prowess to the humans and Yokai who will oppose his medieval blades. The creator and Reddit user “ChixWixDix” deserve credit for his exquisite work with Character Designing in Nioh 2. If you are willing to search for Ciri who might be in the deep forest and help her to defeat Revenants and Yokai through your Benevolent Graves then you can’t resist entering the code.

Source: ChixWixDix

Creation Code: ttchNzyz7?PBS


Character Creation 02

The main protagonist of Darling in the Franxx who has been fighting solo all her life before meeting her mate. Piloting Franxx Strelizia and destroying the opponent was a piece of cake but now her soul has been reincarnated in the Samurai era by her creator and Reddit user “Laboreja“. To meet Hiro, she must end the madness and Yokai to be reincarnated again as a child to meet Hiro after thousand of years.

Source: Laboreja

Creation Code: $c?$QQcWhytam

Goro Majima

Character Creation Goro

The “Mad Dog of Shimano” can be featured in Nioh 2 which was only possible due to his creator “QuizmasterJack “. The supporting character and one of the playable main protagonist of Yakuza are out alone with his Guardian Spirit to cleanse the world from Yokai.

Source: QuizmasterJack

Creation Code: a3zF=Nrt78v$z


Character Creation Nariko

From the Heavenly Sword, Nariko the main protagonist of the story has been brought from purgatory by her creator “kronick_0. A thing about cursed or spelled swords then, she is no stranger. She might hold the next cursed sword in Nioh 2 which might be the very weapon to slay all yokai and purify the Soul Core.

Source: kronick_0

Creation Code: QEZE8Yg?u?g@i


Character Creation Kratos

For all the God Of War fan and community, “sebapin8” has yet reincarnated the “Ghost Of Sparta” in Nioh 2. His iconic weapon Blades of Chaos is now replaced by Blades of Kusarigama to relinquish the bloodthirst in this era. Defeating a huge Demon who is difficult in the eye of you, leave all the work to the Kratos.

Source: sebapin8

Creation Code: DhuHuvkzm?z?F

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