Ori and the will of the wisps luma pools Walkthrough 100% Map

Ori and the will of the wisps

Luma pool is one of the confusing areas in Ori and the will of the wisps. In luma pool, you need to find one of the 3 wisps which is “Strenght of the forest”.

We recommend you visit luma pool, after completing the Kwolok Hollow, Silent Woods, and The Wellspring. I have completed these 3 areas still while exploring luma pools with so many upgrades and spirit shards, I was still struggling to progress further.

Note: Make sure you have the grapple ability before exploring luma pools.

Inkwater Marsh 100% Map Location and all spirit shard location

The spirit shards that I used to complete luma pools are Sticky Wall, Triple Jump, and Ultra Bash. You can buy triple jump from Twillen for 1100 spirit shard light, whom you can find on the west side of
Wellspring Glades.

Ori and the will of the wisps 100% Map

Use the above image to find the location of the traveler to buy a map using 125 spirits shard light to unlock the luma pool map 100%.

To reach to the traveler, you need to have the ability to dash underwater. You will get this ability by following the strength of the forest, where in the end you need to fight bad spirit.

Use the image below to reach the traveler to buy the map, if you are entering from the right side, you will notice a wall which will only break from the traveler side.

You need to have underwater dash ability to reach the position of the traveler.

Tips If you are struck in luma pools?

  • If you are struck in luma pools confusing water lanes, use the 100% map image above to find your way till the-wisp.
  • Finding the-wisp should be your top priority first in luma pools, to get the upgrades and underwater bash ability.
  • Use your dash abilities to break purple walls.
  • Sometimes look for flowers underwater that release bubble pores which you need to break in order for the air bubble to come up. These flowers are generally round shape with red star marked on them. You can break the red star using the dash ability to let the air bubble flow.
  • Make use of flap ability to push away these bubbles and then jump up on them to reach higher places.

Note: If you are completely stuck and unable to get out of luma pools open your map and select any wrap zone then hold the “enter” button to teleport out of that area.

Luma Pools Spirit Shard Location

Ultra Bash

Use the image above to reach the location in luma pool. You need to use your bash ability to break the purple wall to get the ultra bash shard. After getting this spirit shard, you bash will start to deal damage to enemies.

Energy Harvest

Enemies will drop more orbs for you to collect. To retrieve this spirit shard, you need to have underwater dash ability.