Nioh 2- How To Transform Into Demon Form Or Yokai Shift

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you will need to select the Demon Form or Yokai Shift according to your preferences. Once you have selected the Demon form i.e. Brute, Feral and Phantom, you can use your selected Demon Form to deal with massive damage. The damage received will not affect your current HP instead it will deplete the Ki gauge or timing of the Demon form. The Demon Form is essential during Boss fight as they are fast and deal massive damage, most importantly there HP Gauge is completely different which buys enough time.

How To Transform In Nioh 2

Nioh 2Nioh 2

In order to transform, you will need to check whether the Guardian Spirit icon is glowing or completely full as shown in the second image. The first image shows your Guardian Spirit icon getting filled up whenever you engage in battle and deal damage against enemies. The novice mistake many players make is that they try to transform into their Demon Form after praying into the Shrine. Well, Shrine fills up the HP gauge only and the Ki required to transform into Feral form remains unchanged.

Even if you use your Demon Form and completely deplete the Ki before getting downed in combat, your Ki will be lost and need to be recharged by killing and engaging against enemies. The Feral Form or Demon Form change your attack style which can be used efficiently whenever you are at pinch. Dealing damage along with Sidestep allows your character to dodge and attack simultaneously at an insane speed.

To transform into your Demon Form or Yokai Shift, press Circle + Triangle on your PS4 controller. The core soul imbued with your Guardian Spirit can be used to attack Yokai by their own special moves. You can assign these moves in R1 + Square and R1 + Triangle. To perform these moves, you will only need Anima instead of Ki. Transforming into your Demon Form to stagger and grapple enemy Boss is the most satisfying and damage dealing move. The Demon Form amplifies the damage and as long you are in this form, you are unstoppable. Burst Counter and deal with the sweet damage by transforming when the Boss is staggered. For more guide on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: