Nioh 2- Ochoko Cup Fast Farming Trick For Calling Assistance

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 is a well-versed action role-playing Samurai game, where you can customize your character and possess a Guardian Spirit along with various weapons and accessories that are dropped down from the storage box, defeating enemies or Revenant. Whenever you die due to any casualties during a run, you will be teleported back to the last used Shrine as your checkpoint but your Amrita will be dropped in your Grave which will be protected by your Guardian Spirit. Rest assured, any other items will still be in your possession at the spawn. Still, Amrita is quite an important resource compared to any other as it is required to upgrade your character Level.

Nioh 2: Ochoko Cup Farming Is Necessary

In Nioh 2 excluding Amrita, Ochoko Cup is an essential resource as it is used to summon an AI Revenant for the assistance. The damage received is high and the corrupted Yokai who blocks the path would be quite challenging at the beginning. Though you can use well-timed Burst Counter to stagger and deal a heavy blow to these enemies. We can’t argue though as having a company to distract makes the combat far easier.

Ochoko Cup can only be obtained either from the Bazaar or by defeating the Revenant from Bloody Grave or Red Grave. Before engaging against these AI, check their level before initiating the fight. The high difference in level will allow you to collect more Ochoko Cup as well as Amrita even though the risk is high. In the beginning, it is recommended to fight and collect as many Ochoko Cups you can for later. As you progress through the main story, a higher level of assistance and Revenants will be found in your way.

Nioh 2

It is recommended to call for assistance and trigger the Bloody Grave to summon the Revenant in order to fight and farm Ochoko Cup. With the help of your assistance, you will be collecting Ochoko Cups in a jiffy. You can even create your own Benevolent Grave or Blue Sword Grave in order for other Nioh 2 player’s assistance. We would be constantly updating Nioh 2 guides as we unravel secrets and keep on advancing forward. For more guides, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: