Nioh 2- How To Make Benevolent Graves And Righteous Jasper

Nioh 2

In Nioh 2, you have seen multiple Red and Blue Sword Graves which is used to fight against and call for assistance respectively. Similar to others, even you can create your own Benevolent Graves or Blue Sword Grave for other Nioh 2 players who might take up your assistance. In order to create Benevolent Graves, you will need Righteous Jasper. For all the players who have started the game recently, it will be available at the second main mission. You can even craft your own Righteous Jasper, this guide explains everything you need to know about Benevolent Graves and Righteous Jasper.

How To Create Your Own Benevolent Graves In Nioh 2

As mentioned earlier, you must possess at least one Righteous Jasper. These Righteous Jasper are available after completing specific missions or you can even craft it if you have the required resources. To craft Righteous Jasper you will need Enki Pelt and a Demon’s Horn. Righteous Jasper is also available for 700 Gold coins through Blacksmith. The Blacksmith also sells the Book of Reincarnation which is used to reset your skills later when you have accumulated a lot.

To create a Benevolent Grave or Blue Sword Grave, you will have to open your inventory and use the Righteous Jasper in any desired location. Once you use the Righteous Jasper, the current location will be marked and show similar Benevolent Graves sign which you have been seeing from the playthrough.

These Benevolent Graves can be used similarly by other players. Your character with current equipped weapons and items will spawn and assist who have summoned your Revenant by consuming their Ochoko Cup. When the players will keep on using your Benevolent Grave, you will be rewarded for your help and assistance provided. So, it would be better to place your Benevolent Grave just before any corrupted Yokai and Boss Fight. Even place near the battlefield where there are multiple human and Yokai as well as multiple Bloody Grave for those who want to farm Amrita and Ochoko Cup. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: