Nioh 2- Gozuki Mini Boss Fight And How To Defeat

Nioh 2

As you have started slaying Yokai in Nioh 2, the very foremost mini-boss or exceptional boss could be found near the Shrine. The battleground would consist of a number of fallen Revenant and Assistance swords. Though before engaging against Gozuki, during a tutorial the voice would alert and warn you to not engage against the beast. You can simply avoid and ignore the mini-boss bypassing him when he is on patrol.

The other option is to encounter and battle against him. Though you have started the game recently, it would be reasonably difficult and Gozuki might seem OP as his hit will chunk up half of your HP in an instant. So, if you are up to slay the beast and learn advanced game mechanics, then this guide covers it all.

Gozuki Mini-Boss Fight In Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Gozuki attack pattern is quite simple as he swings or slams his blade as he approaches. For the starters, you have to keep an eye on your Stamina gauge. Whenever you will attack, dodge or block, it will consume few chunks of your Stamina. Each and every combat mechanics revolves around Stamina. It is recommended in the beginning to practice deflecting Gozuki attacks but in the end, it all comes down to using your Burst Counter perfectly.

What makes the mini-boss fight more frustrating is that the HP is not displayed. You will have to constantly use Burst Counter as it is the most important combat mechanic required. If you are not confident then block the first attack and use your Burst Counter in an attempt to counter Gozuki. Even the timing is off, it is a very useful dodging mechanics that use Anima bar. Use Burst Counter and attack Gozuki.

Killing Gozuki might consume lots of time if you are not countering the attack. Still, patience is the key to defeat Gozuki and future bosses such as Mezuki. Gozuki is located near the Shrine, so even if you are defeated the Grave would be quite near. It is the perfect battlefield to practice combat mechanics and earn Ochoko Cup. For more guides on Nioh 2, click on the following links mentioned below the description: