Ori and the will of the wisps Inkwater Marsh Shards Location & 100% Map

Ori and the will of the wisp

Ori and the will of the wisps is a sequel to the Ori and the blind forest. It is a platform based game developed by Moon Studios.

While progressing in this game, you will come across spirit shards that will give you some special stats to Ori. These spirit shards are available in different parts of the map that will show you in this post.

The first map of Ori and the will of the wisp is “Inkwater Marsh”. Below is the screenshot of 100% of the map which you can use it to your advantage if you get lost.

Inkwater Marsh 100% Map

Although I haven’t completed the map 100%, you can buy the map using spirit light from a traveler, that will unlock your map 100%.

You can reach to this traveler once you have unlocked double jump and sticky wall shards. Below is the location of that traveler from where you can buy the map.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Inkwater Marsh Spirit Shard Location

Note: You can only keep up to 3 shards in your socket.

Resilience- Using this shard will grant you a 10% damage reduction.

Life Pact- Casting spells require some energy in this game. At the beginning of the game, Ori will have 3 energy and life points. When you are out of energy using this shard will consume your health while using spell.

Magnet- Orbs will come flying towards Ori after defeating the monsters.

Reckless- Increase damage done and taken from monsters by 15%.

Regeneration- This is not a shard but rather a spell you will get once you defeat the wolf and return to the place mentioned in the image above. Using this spell will cost you 1 energy point and will regen your health.

Sticky- This is one of the most important shards in this map. Using this shard Ori can stick himself to the walls and climb up high places.