Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Strong Foes And Shiny Location

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is the remake of the 15 years old game. With better arts and animation the storyline gets more awesome. Even after playing this remake game, you will have a childhood nostalgia.

For people who are playing this game for the first time, it will keep you hooked up throughout exploring various areas. The pokemon acts and interacts with you according to its nature that you have wished it would. Example Alakazam wise nature and Gengar being mischievous.

Overall there are plenty of things you could do in the game. While some dungeons seem repetitive, you need to look out for strong foes. The dungeons can go up to 99 floors, so make sure you have sufficient item in your bag

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Strong Foes

Strong Foes are the pokemon with higher stats that you will have a little hard time to defeat. Generally, these pokemon have a yellow crown icon on top of their head. Defeating these pokemon will fetch you better rewards.

Sometimes there is a chance of finding a shiny pokemon who are strong foes. But recruiting them is tough. Make sure you have bought a camp for the pokemon you need to recruit, else you have a Wigglepuf orb in your bag.

Below is the list of shiny pokemon you can find in the game and their location.

List Of Shiny Pokemon And Location

Butterfree – Howling Forest

Ninetales – Northern Range

Rapidash – Mt. Steel

Exeggutor – Pitfall Valley

Gyarados – Waterfall Pond

Ditto – Buried Relic

Dragonite – Mt. Thunder

Hoothoot – Murky Cave

Noctowl – Lapis Cave

Ampharos – Sinister Woods

Azumarill – Mt. Blaze

Sudowoodo – Desert Region

Aipom – Solar Cave

Wobbuffet – Darknight Relic

Shuckle – Southern Cavern

Corsola – Far-Off Sea

Spinda – Frosty Forest

Metagross – Silent Chasm

Ambipom – Great Canyon

Lickilicky – Mt. Freeze

Location Unknown








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