Division 2: Warlords Of New York- How To Unlock All New DLC Skill

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In Division 2: Warlords Of New York is released with 4 new DLC skills which can be used in PvE and PvP. To obtain these new DLC skills, you will need to annihilate special rogue agents that can be found in respective regions. To learn about the skills and agent location, this guide covers it all.

How To Unlock All-New DLC Skill In Division 2

Compiling all-new DLC skills of  Warlords of New York, we have enlisted below:

  • Decoy: Decoy can be deployed and used to create a holographic 3D image that confuses and allow the enemies to focus on it. In PvE, all enemies drone and turret are focused on the Decoy as well as while playing PvP, it can trick and disrupt the auto-aim. To obtain such useful skills, you will need to annihilate Theo Parnell in the Civic Center region.
  • Sticky Bomb (Burn): Sticky Bomb variant burn will stick on the enemies and immediately start dealing damage to the tagged enemy. Whereas the damage is not only limited to the stuck enemy but deal burn damage to the nearby enemies too. While playing PvP, you can remove the Sticky Bomb of any variants by rolling before detonation. To obtain such useful skills, you will need to annihilate Vivian Conly in the Two Bridges region.
  • Sticky Bomb (Explosive): Similar to the Sticky Bomb (Burn) but the damage is not overtime. It explodes after detonation and deals heavy damage to the tagged enemy which is similar to the mini-crossbow. Nearby enemies also feel the aftershock damage but can be removed by rolling down. To unlock the Sticky Bomb (Explosive), you will need to annihilate James Dragov in the Financial District region.
  • Shock Trap: Shock Trap is a utility that stuns and reduces the movement speed of the enemies. This utility can be vastly used in either PvE or PvP to detect and avoid getting flanked by enemies or players. The Shock Trap only activates when the enemy steps into the range of the trap. To obtain such useful skills, you will need to annihilate Javier Kajika in the Battery Park region.

Each of these skills can be equipped and upgraded after unlocking it. You can only equip two skills like you have been doing but play more aggressively or punish heavily. For more guides on Division 2, click on the following links below the description: