Besiege Controls, Guide For Blocks And Building For Beginners


Besiege is a physics-based strategy game developed by Spiderling Studios. The game is available in Microsoft Windows as well as Mac/Linux. The size of the game might be small but has immense potential to be one of the best building game.

In this game, the players have to build old school medieval carts and tanks to destroy castles. Players can let their imagination run wild and create medieval carts as they like and control it to destroy enemy castles.

Besiege Controls

Most of the controls that you need to play this game are already displayed as icons on the game screen. Below are some of the keyboards shortcuts for such icons.

Space – To Start or stop the simulation. It basically is a shortcut key to the play button that you can find at the top left corner of the game screen.

X – To remove a part from your cart. Simply hover your mouse over the part of the cart you want to remove and press this key.

Undo ( Left Ctrl + Z) – To quickly delete or remove a block that you have placed by mistake.

Redo ( Left Ctrl + Y) – To restore a block on your cart that you have removed by mistake.

Left Mouse Button – To select the blocks and place them on your cart.

Right Mouse Button – Hold the button and move your mouse to rotate the camera on the game screen.

F – Change the direction of the rotation of the wheels that you have used in your cart. To change the direction of the wheels, left-click the mouse button on the wheels and then press “F”.

C – To attack the weapons that you have installed in your cart.

O – To fly your cart. (You need to have flight wings which can support your cart, then only it will fly).

Well, these are some of the keys that you will need most while playing the game, rest you can make with your imagination. We will also post some more guides on how to make tank tracks, helicopter and much more so keep checking the post out.